IWF Game Changers

Exploring the World through Sailing & Science

August 19, 2021

Alexia Barrier was the first woman to attempt a single-handed around-the-globe tour for the benefit of science. In this episode she shares:


  • her experience spending 111 days alone at sea 
  • how you don’t need the best equipment to perform at the highest caliber
  • how we can each play a role in protecting our oceans, and
  • the scale at which plastics are impacting the environment


About the Guest: Alexia Barrier is a professional sailor, top-level match racer, founder of 4myplanet and member of IWF France. She recently completed the Vendée Globe, a solo, nonstop around the world yacht race. 


To learn more about the International Women’s Forum visit iwforum.org.

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